What's in your Tennis Bag?

What's in your Tennis Bag?

You can gain insight into a tennis player's world by peeking inside their bag. Discover what's hidden within our tote here.  

The Timeless Tennis Tote & Racquet Cover is a roomy and stylish coated canvas tote that effortlessly transitions into a versatile carryall or weekend companion when the racquet cover is removed. Here is what’s inside:


Lacey's go-to racquet is the Babolat Pure Drive Lite, a trusty companion on the court. Renowned as one of the most popular and versatile racquets globally, the 10th generation Pure Drive elevates your game with explosive power that can seal points and improved feel. You can find it for $299 at String'n Swings, or consider their demo program to ensure you find the perfect racquet before making a purchase.


Lauren's go-to choice for the court are the Goodr Sunglasses. They combine polarization with a lightweight design that stays firmly in place, even during intense serves. Lauren tends to opt for the classic styles like 'A Ginger's Soul,' while Lacey embraces the more playful side with styles like 'Operation: Blackout.' Find them for $25 at Fleet Feet.

Extra Grips

Because a solid grip can elevate your game. Lauren's top choice is the GAMMA Supreme Overgrip. These soft grip-tape wraps are engineered for longevity, boasting absorbent materials and exceptional durability to withstand your toughest matches. Discover them at String'n Swings. 

 40-Love Visor

Experience trendsetting design and unbeatable comfort with our moisture-wicking visor. The adjustable elastic band ensures a perfect fit for every head. Choose from Hunter Green, Navy, or White. Get yours for $29 on the Shop page. 

Tecnifibre Tennis Balls

Lacey's preference lies with Tecnifibre's EnduroCore technology, which offers a fantastic court feel and impressive durability. You can find them at Tecnifibre.com.

Also, in our Tennis Bag

Liquid I.V. Hydration packets (strawberry flavor), Spring Energy packets (Power Rush flavor) for endurance fuel, Yeti Rambler 35oz, Evian Face Mist, Tourna Rosin Grip Powder. 

In addition to our essential tennis gear, we always make sure to carry a bottle of champagne in our bag. You never know when you'll need to celebrate that victorious match point or toast to a great practice session with your tennis buddies. Just remember, it's for victory celebrations only, not for mid-match hydration!

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